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3. Inner Wheel Cruise: Wien - Budapest - Wien, oktober 2018

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Dear IW-friends,
I want to send you all information and the registration form for the 3rd European IW-Cruise in this special mail.
As you maybe know, the idea of the European IW-Cruise was, to unite as many as possible IW-members from Europe in a nice atmosphere (ship), maybe together with their husbands or children or also as Single, spending some time together, practicing friendship, exchanging ideas and enjoy our IW-spirit.
The first 2 cruises took place at the Adriatic sea, now some participants asked for a river cruise and to do it next year. In case of the Convention in spring, I looked for a Mini Cruise in Autumn in case of time and money.
The prospects you received and which I attach again show you now the 3rd Cruise - Vienna - Budapest - Vienna. A pre-Program in Vienna will be planed too and I will inform you as soon as I get it.
I want to ask you very kindly to forward this cruise to your IW-members in your country, so that everybody, who wants to join gets the possibility.
Thank you so much for your support
Love - Gabriele Schrümpf
Opdateret: 12.05.2019

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